Objectives of the Foundation

The Foundation for the Development of Radiocommunication and Multimedia Technologies started its operations in January 2000. The initiative was supported by a group of renowned companies whose representatives form the Foundation Council. The activities of the Foundation are coordinated by a three-member Executive Board, and the President is Professor Józef Modelski from the Institute of Radioelectronics and Multimedia Technology of the Warsaw University of Technology

The Foundation was established for the following purposes:

Fostering the development of scientific thought in the field of radiocommunications and multimedia technologies (radiocommunications, television, radio, radar, electro-acoustic technologies, medical electronics) at the Warsaw University of Technology.

Implementing new knowledge to teaching activities, expanding and upgrading the academic and teaching facilities of the Warsaw University of Technology by providing advanced measurement, audiovisual, and IT equipment for research and teaching laboratories.

Supporting the academic development of talented students of the Warsaw University of Technology.

Supporting the development of academic staff of the Warsaw University of Technology.

The Foundation pursues its objectives by organising, funding or co-funding:

  • grants, internships, awards, and travel to scientific conferences for academic staff and talented students,
  • trainings, seminars, and conferences,
  • raising the awareness of Polish scientific achievements in Poland and internationally,
  • publications promoting Polish scientific achievements in Poland and internationally,
  • scientific research aimed at developing radioelectronics and putting Polish scientific achievements to work.

The Foundation does not carry out any commercial activity, and it derives income from payments, donations and subsidies received from legal entities – its Founders and Sponsors. In accordance with its Statutes, a donor may also specify the purpose or use of their donation, such as postdoctoral, doctoral, student grants; provision of equipment for a specific teaching or research laboratory; etc

Owing to donations from its Founders and Sponsors, the Foundation has so far awarded over 300 grants (including 13 postdoctoral grants, 69 grants for doctoral dissertations, 15 grants for the preparation of textbooks, 4 need-based grants and more than 200 student grants).

Thanks to the initiatives of the Foundation, several teaching and research laboratories at the Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology of the Warsaw University of Technology have obtained advanced equipment. For instance, the following new laboratories have been established: Digital Cellular Systems Laboratory, Antenna Technology Laboratory, Cable Television Laboratory, and considerable amounts of equipment have been purchased for the following laboratories: Measurements in Radiocommunications Laboratory, Radiocommunications Fundamentals Laboratory, Sound Studio Technology Laboratory, Multimedia Technology Laboratory, Microwave Technology Laboratory, Digital Signal Processing Laboratory, and Ultra-Wideband Technology Laboratory.

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